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about us

We united world restaurant experts specialized in Mexican food. And together we gave birth to a Fast Casual Mexican Urban Kitchen carrying

a Saudi flag. Our brand has a unique identity and a lifestyle where both national an international values are embraced . Overall, Mexika has

a Traditional street orientated menu with exquisite variety of food and drinks.

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our story

Middle East Food Trading Company (MFTCO) is a Saudi firm established in 2015 by Faisal Abdullah Al-Rashed &partners.  MEFTCO is a Food

& Beverage enterprise specialized in restaurants and kitchen equipment with plans to expand to other venues.


To provide our guests exceptional experience by serving them high quality food and drinks,

prepared by our passionate and humble personnel, in an urban, colorful and cozy environment. 


To be the leading Mexican Taqueria in the world. By integrating traditional food into a modern

concept and providing a premium adventure for everyone everywhere and at every time.


Passion - Integrity - Consistency - Creativity

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